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Victor’s role in creating original film scores

Victor contribution to the film scores is less in numbers, but rich in diversity. He composed original music to a handful of films representing different genres, as classical, commercial and children’s. His film scores suited each film according to the film’s genre. “Mathara Achchi” (directorial debut by Sathischandra Edirisinghe) released in 1972, featured Victor’s first original score for a motion picture. This was a landmark film marking the debut performances and contributions of many prominent artists. Wally Nanayakkara made his debut as a lyrics writer. This film was also the screen debut of Swarna Mallawarachchi (most local best actress award winner), even though film audiences have seen her on screen, due to the delayed theatrical releases of “Matara Achchi”. Mostly importantly, same film marked the arrival of a gifted singer who later became an immensely popular marquee singer of all-time, namely Sunil Edirisinghe, through “Sandakada Pahanaka Katayam Obala”, a beautiful song filled with inter-music compositions. That alluring song made Sunil Edirisinghe, an amateur singer with no recorded song at that time, an overnight sensation amongst musical fans. The film featured the song “Sandun Sihina Sihil Anduna Palu Prema Nagare” a duet by Victor with Sujatha Attanayake, was also the first instance, master lyricist Prof. Sunil Ariyaratne wrote a film song for a duet. Another song from the same film, “Andura Bindinnata Rayak Dawalu Lantharum Niwala” penned by Premakeerthi de Alwis, become a beloved timeless classic in Victor’s discography. Theme song of the film was performed by Milton Mallawarachchi and a chorus. Written by Siri Kularathna, the assistant director of the film, it was called “Ran Dedunu Ran Patin Weluna Ranwala” and since its release, the song has become prominent in Milton Mallawarachchi’s most popular hits collection.

  • Victor composed original score for the film “Rajagedara Paraviyo” directed by Sathischandra Edirisinghe in 1975 and featured two smash hits “Hinahenna Romeo Mamai” (Duet with Latha Walpola – lyrics Prof. Sunil Ariyaratne) and “Neela Bingu Kala” (performed by Victor – lyrics K.D.K. Dharmawardena).
  • in 1975, Victor composed music for “Dushkara Kriya”, a short film by Sunil Ariyaratne and “Haratha Hathara” a feature film by M.S. Kumar.
  • Music direction for “Hulawali” (1976 – directed by W.A.B. de Silva) featuring prominent lyricists, Dharmasiri Gamage, Sunil Ariyaratne and K.D.K. Dharmawardana, was one of the finest works by Victor. “Kuda Game Maddahane” and “Kula Gedarin” performed by Sunil Edirisinghe and Bandula Wijeweera respectively, became all time fan favorites.
  • Victor re teamed with Sathischandra Edirisinghe to compose music for Sathichandra’s film “Shree Madhara” and “Hise Gini Avilethe”, performed by Sunil Edirisinghe (lyrics – Premakeerthi de Alwis) marked a turning point in his own singing career. Film contained another period hit “Gahakola Mal” (lyrics – Sunil Ariyaratne), Victor performed with Latha Walpola.
  • Victor’s music direction for film “Anupama” (1978) Prof. Sunil Ariyaratne directorial debut, made way for the release of several landmark songs. “Sihina Wile Nilupuli” was the first film duet for Latha Walpola and H.R. Jothipala and also mark the film song debut for renowned lyricist Kularatne Ariyawansa. H.R. Jothipala’s “Raja Kirulu Palandapu Rajjuruwo” (lyrics – Prabhath Manawasinghe) and Abeywardana Balasooriya “Maru Kathare Pipuna Malak” (lyrics – Thilakaratne Kuruwita Bandara) became immensly popular songs.
  • An innovative and experimental music direction Victor Ratnayake conducted for “Sarungalaya” (directed by Prof. Sunil Ariyaratne – 1979) gained popularity in mainstream. Hit duet “Bambarindu” performed by Amaradewa & Nanda Malini, containing lyrics written by screen icon Gamini Fonseka, “Isuru Devindu Umayangana” (lyrics – Thilakaratne Kuruwita Bandara, performed by – Abeywardana Balasooriya & Niranjala Sarojini), a moving duet featuring experimental Karnataka Music rhythms, were part of the film. Popular success of the latter song is an homage to Victor’s audacity for using classical Karnataka instruments, placing him ahead of his contemporaries engaging in experimental music for films.
  • “Upan Handawiye Dukak Ahala Nathi Ape Adawiye” performed by M.S. Fernando and chorus (lyrics – Kularatne Ariyawansa), since become a memorable song embraced by fans. 4 songs in movie “Sarungale” were equally savored, but featured distinct qualities. Unfortunately, Juries for local film awards and festivals, failed to properly appreciate Victor’s richly deserved work for “Sarungale”. Victor’s contribution to the music in Cinema, was left unrecognized, under-appreciated and victimized, mostly due to the sordid nature of editors helming a marquee newspaper, also the monopoly in local film awards
  • “Podi Malli” (directed by Prof. Sunil Ariyaratne – 1979) victor composed music for 4 songs along with film score. “Kohe Sita Oba Paminiyedo” (lyrics K.D.K. Dharmawardena) song featured in the film as a part of Victor’s live performance of the “Sa” concert. To this day, that song is the only instance, a part of Victor’s “Sa” concert featuring in a motion picture.
  • Siribo Aiya” directed by Prof. Sunil Ariyaratne – 1980 (Won President's’ Award for Best Music Director)
  • Thawalama” (Bullock Cart) directed by Lal Perera – January 1981
  • Sayuru Thera” (End of the Ocean) directed by Nimal Silva – March 1981
  • Vajira” directed by Prof. Sunil Ariyaratne – 1981 May
  • Athuru Mithuru” (Little Friends) directed by Ariyaratne Vithana – 1986 (Won President's’ Award for Best Music Director – 1987
  • Ambu Samiyo” (Husbands and Wives) directed by Nishantha de Alwis – 1994 directed by Ariyaratne Vithana
  • Adarei Man Adarei” (I Love you) directed by Prageeth Ratnayake

Discography – Tele Dramas

  • Hima Hansi – directed by Jayantha Ranawaka
  • Muthu Kumari – directed by P.U.D. Perera
  • Yalui Api Yalui – directed by P.U.D. Perera
  • Punchi Yaluwo – directed by P.U.D. Perera
  • Pahan Tharuwa – directed by Nishantha de Alwis
  • Irata Handana Mal – directed by Chandrarathna Mapitigama
  • Muwan Palassa – directed by P.U.D. Perera

Discography – Stage Plays

  • Sahodarayo – Dayaratne Brahmanayake
  • Wyagra – Jayantha Ranawaka
  • Aththikka Mal Pipila – Sathischandra Edirisinghe


Victor’s role in creating original film scores

Matara Aachchi Souvenior cover photo (1972)
මාතර ආච්චි චිත්‍රපටයේ සමරු කළඹ (1972) Matara Aachchi Souvenior cover photo (1972)
"Sandakada Pahanaka Katayam Opala" song at its birth
Lyrics of a song of Siribo Ayya Film
සිරිබෝ අයියා චිත්‍රපටයේ ගීතයක පදමාළාවක් Lyrics of a song of Siribo Ayya Film
Victor’s role in creating original film scores Overview
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